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by Olaf Jansen

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Free luxury property listings in arabic, english, russian and german for villa, house, Apartment:

Here you can present your luxury real estate worldwide. This service is free, as the most important field in the production of high-quality 3D video material consists of luxury real estate. This allows you to sell the villa, the house that Apparment, the Loft or the castle in Berlin, Hamburg, Munich, Cologne, Dusseldorf, Mallorca and Tenerife. Or find buyers etc in the cities of Egypt such as Giza, Sharm El Sheikh, Hurghada, Ain Sukhna, Port Ghalib, Cairo.

Luxury property listings in Arabic and Russian are ranked higher in Google:

With that, there is the possibility of the first Page to enter in a Google search. Just use translation tools (eg Google) and save all data and descriptions in a text file. This facilitates the entry of the luxury real estate via copy and paste into the portal. Currently the ads depending on the workload of employees also translate still and revised (spelling, grammar). This serves to optimize the international Google search of luxury homes and is free. A claim there to is not. Take a look at the property, and then set on your ad. In the first step you can upload 8 pictures. Edit display means more images can be added (up to 32).

After giving a free luxury real estate, there is a free HTML element (eg Ebay):

At Ebay real estate you can turn for 2 € a 30-day luxury real estate. You can find more information fees this. Ebay also allows the integrated are of own documents (images) using HTML code. Further Informatioen available here: to own links, external filed under images and PDF files

Image editing the footage of luxury properties:

Now, an image management with online photo editor is available (see above), there external works. This allows the correct images and save them in different resolutions. Distortion and distortion of wide-angle lenses and perspective views are no longer a problem. In small rooms, such as bathrooms and kitchens to use a wide-angle lens is useful to capture the entire room.

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